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Baby trend range jogger stroller traveling system. Are you planning to go abroad? Or you want to spend your vacations in Northern hilly areas. Spending time in exciting and amusing areas will help you to reduce tensions and stress. It will be helpful to reduce anxiety in your daily routine. Doing work and handling a baby is tougher sometimes. Relaxation will also amuse the mood of your baby. But the question arises of how to take your baby in these areas. As babies are super demanding every time.

They need to eat, they need fun, they need playtime and they need proper sleep on time. Otherwise, they will create chaos in your life. All of this should be performed while traveling is difficult for parents. But if you have a stroller with you. It will be quite easier for you. Especially, the baby trend range jogger stroller traveling system will provide you with an ultra-modern type of travel system. It will help you to travel anywhere you want to go with your baby. This stroller will provide safety, security, and comfort to your child. Especially toddlers are super jumpy when their parents are going to travel somewhere. This stroller will help you to control your toddler in a confined place. Let’s have a look at the characteristics of this super unique travel system.

Color available:

The baby trend range jogger stroller traveling system is available in different varieties of colors. The ranges are millennium,. Bubblegum, elixir, optic grey, optic pink, optic teal, rose, and sprint. You can choose from our versatile variety and enjoy the ride.


It is very much a cost-effective and pocket-friendly stroller. The amazing baby trend range jogger stroller traveling system is just available at $179 in price. You can easily afford it. You can also use it in the future as well. It is a one-time investment.

Material used:

The mater6 used in the manufacturing of baby trend range jogger stroller traveling systems is alloy steel. It is light in weight. It is easy to carry. You can even hold them on your shoulders while climbing up in hilly areas.

5-point safety harness:

As the name suggests, this type of stroller is used for jogging or running. So, the baby must be in full security and safety. The 5-point safety harness will keep your baby or toddler in a confined region.

Joggers tries:

The Baby Trend Range Jogger Stroller Travel System comes in total with a 3-Wheel Jogger and EZ Flex-Loc Infant Car Seat with a lock-in vehicle base. The carriage includes a lockable front turn wheel for running. It opens for simple walking. The off-road bike tires likewise highlight a speedy delivery for additional smaller stockpiling.

Cup holders:

You can go along with snacks, water bottles, and some juices. There is a proper cup holder space provided in the baby trend range jogger stroller traveling system. You can keep yourself hydrated during your traveling hours. If you are fond of jogging or running this ideal feature will help you out in every manner.

Large storage basket:

The oversized storage basket is provided in the baby trend range jogger stroller traveling system. It can keep all your and your baby’s belongings. It can smartly access through both the front and rear of the sides. You can keep all the essentials inside the stroller. The essentials for your baby like diapers, feeder bottles, snacks, water bottles, clothes, and others.

Push handles:

Push handles are extra wide in shape. So you can have a complete grip on the stroller while traveling, walking, or jogging on the path. They are ergonomically shaped and foam padded on them.

Adjustable canopy:

There is an adjustable canopy present in the baby trend range jogger stroller traveling system. The canopy has a peek-a-boo window. It allows you to observe your baby from the rear side. It can save your baby from the scorching rays of the sun and protects your baby from wind, dust, dry air, and fog.

Reclined seat:

The reclined adjustable footrest and backrest seat is present in the baby trend range jogger stroller traveling system. You can adjust it according to your needs. It is available for sitting and napping with your child. The infant positioner is also provided for added support of your newborn. The seat covers are reversible and washable.

Weight carrier:

This unique stroller will hold weights from 4 pounds up to 30 pounds. The height of the infant car seat is about 30 inches.


The baby trend range jogger stroller traveling system is able to fold easily. It can be stored in a sleek manner in any corner of your house. The folding is effortless by a single trigger.


The reflectors are present in the footrest position. It provides great low-light visibility. The feet will be saved and secured in a position. The. Any will be in a super comfortable position.

Product dimension:

The dimensions of the product are ‎44 x 46 x 22 inches. While the Item model number is ‎TJ94312.

Car seat characteristics:

It has the following characteristics.

LATCH equipped base

5-point safety harness

4-position push-button height adjustable base

One-hand easy-access seat release

EPS energy-absorbing foam for superior side impact head protection

Delta multi-grip carrying handle

EZ Flex-Loc refers to the base’s flexible (not rigid) latch straps.

Travelling system:

The EZ-Flex Loc Infant Car Seat effectively eliminates the vehicle seat base to permit a speedy and simple snap. It is in connection to buggy to make the Travel System. When utilizing a movement framework you should just walk. Running capacity of the carriage, the youngster is in the buggy seat as it were.


This traveling system is a super unique and ultra modernized system. it helps you in jogging, walking, and traveling. You can take it anywhere you want to go with your baby. It is available in unique colors and designs. Grab your order as soon as possible. You can check discount offers from our online stores.